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Mattie Byrn Harrell

Mattie B. Harrell was the daughter of Ferney (Furney) F. Harrell and Sally King.  She was born 01 Aug 1880 in Wayne County, NC. and died in childbirth with Cleaford Earl Weeks on 08 Aug 1924

1880 United States Federal Census, Wayne, Brogden
District 295, p. 71 of 74 census pages

Page 65 had been completed on the 29th of June.  The enumerator had not filled in the dates on the remaining pages (including this p. 71), but signed the last page (p. 74) on August 8, 1880, with an explanation that he was too busy to have done so.  F.F., Sallie, Wm., and James could read; FF and Sallie could write.

F. F. Harrell 52   Farmer
Sallie Harrell 30 Wife Keeps house
Wm. H. Harrell 12 Son  
James R. Harrell 10 "  
Ludenia Harrell 9 Daughter  
Polley Harrell 7 "  
Minnie Harrell 6 "  
Purney Harrell* 3 Son  
Mattie B. Harrell 1 Daughter  
* I checked handwriting samples of this enumerator and found a Francis and a Florence on p. 73, both look like Prancis Hefner and Plorence Parker, so I believe "Purney" should be Furney...also, looking at the top of page 71, Ida Anderson is listed for male/female as "P" --his F's often looked like P's.

The 1890 census is not available. Much of it was destroyed by a fire at the Commerce Department in Washington, DC on 10 January 1921, including the Sampson County Census.

James Henry Weeks and Mattie Harrell were married on 02 Jun 1898 in Wayne County, NC.


1900 Sampson County Piney Grove Township

According to the census, James H. and Mattie B. had been married 2 years and had one child (Arthur J.) Other children are his by previous marriage.

It looks as though Mattie's age 19 had been marked out and rewritten 18. Mamie (f.) was incorrectly transcribed as Maurice, while Emma's spelling was listed as Emme. The 1st 6 could read and write--none were attending school.  They owned house and land free of mortgage. The farm schedule was 98.

1900 Sampson County Piney Grove Township, Supervisor District 3, Enumeration District 101, Sheet 7, House 113; enumerated by David M. Kornegay on 08 Jun 1900
    Birthdate Age Married # Children # Living
Weeks, Jas H. head May 1851 49 2 yrs    
Weeks, Mattie B. wife Jun 1881 19/18 2 yrs 1 1
Mamie daughter Sept 1879 20      
Bascomb son May 1883 17      
Emma daughter Jun 1885 15      
Estella daughter Sept 1889 10      
Arthur J. son May 1898 12 mo.      
Notice in the 1900 census, Mattie B. has one living child, Arthur J. one year old.  In the 1910 census there is another Arthur J., but he is 19, and James and Mattie have only been married 11 years, so this Arthur must be from James's 2nd marriage...Interestingly, James Henry's oldest living son, Martin Luther (transcribed Weeke), was living in the previous house #112

1910 Sampson County Piney Grove Township
Enumerated by John M. Weeks on 06 May 1910
Supervisor's District 3, Enumeration District 94, Sheet 12

This census has been fascinating!  In a span of 2 pages, MANY families are represented!  There were families of:
Bascom K. Weeks (son of James Henry's 2nd wife Sarah Adelaide)
Estella Weeks Sinclair (Estelle) (husband James Allen)
James Henry Weeks and Mattie B.
Sallie Harrell (Mattie's mother (Sally King Harrell) living with her son's family)
Lona Weeks Lindsay and husband Algia, and his parents (Jimmie Devane Lindsay + Mary Sutton) next house

(I cut out the middle columns which stated birth in NC and Language was English) 

1910 Sampson County Piney Grove Township, p. 43

    Birthdate Age Married # Children # Living
Weeks, Jas H. head May 1851 55 11 yrs    
Weeks, Mattie B. wife Jun 1881 28 11 yrs 7 5
Arther J son Sept 1879 19      
Addie M daughter May 1883 7      
Nola B daughter Jun 1885 6      
Albet son Sept 1889 5      
James H Jr. son May 1898 3      
In the Marriage Status column, Jas H. is shown as M3 (3rd marriage), while Mattie B. is shown as M1.

1920 Sampson County,  Piney Grove Township Census
Supervisor District 3, Enumeration District 98, Sheet 10, p. 20
Enumerated on the 7th and 9th of February, 1920 by Wm. E. Hawley

    Birthdate Age
Weeks, James H. head May 1851 66
Weeks, Mattie B. wife Jun 1881 40
Albert S son Sept 1879 14
James H Jr. daughter May 1883 12
Melvin W. daughter Jun 1885 7
Thelma L. son Sept 1889 4, 2 mo.
Martin L. son May 1898 2, 11 mo.



Sally King Harrell

I found Mattie's mother Sally in the 1900 Wayne County Census living as a widow near 2 other Harrell families.  (By 1910, she had moved to Sampson County) See her page for more information.