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James Henry Weeks was born 23 May 1851 and died at home in Goshen, Sampson Co. 29 Mar 1926. He married three times and was buried in Kenion Weeks Cemetery, Piney Grove, Sampson Co., NC

Ella Lulu King
married 16 Nov 1871
Sampson County, NC
Sarah Adelaide Robinson
married 23 May 1874
James Henry Weeks,  Mattie Byrn Harrell
married  02 Jun 1898 in Wake Co.
b. 13 Jan 1857
d. 18 Jul 1873
buried Kenion Weeks Cemetery, Sampson Co., NC
b. 08 Jun 1852 Ingold, Sampson Co
d. 31 Dec 1895 Goshen, Sampson Co
buried Kenion Weeks Cemetery, Goshen, Sampson Co., NC
b. Wayne Co. 01 Aug 1880
d. 08 Aug 1924 Sampson Co.
buried Kenion Weeks Cem, Sampson Co, Piney Grove, Hoe Swamp area
Her parents are believed to have been
Lewis C. King and his wife Sarah (Sallie).
one source said married
28 May 1874
Children of Ella Lulu King
  Birth   Death  
Eula Mae Weeks 18 Dec 1872 Sampson Co. 06 Apr 1956 Dunn, Harnett Co.
Children of Sarah Adelaide Robinson
Martin Luther Weeks 19 Jan 1875 Goshen, Sampson Co. 28 Apr 1902  
Mamie E. "Mary E." Weeks 15 Sep 1877 Goshen, Sampson Co. 24 Jul 1936 Mount Olive, NC
Llona Weeks 1879 Goshen, Sampson Co. 1951 Goshen, Sampson Co
Addie Ella Weeks 21 Nov 1881 Goshen, Sampson Co. 03 Dec 1923 Sampson Co
Bascom Kenion Weeks 24 May 1883 Goshen, Sampson Co. 03 Sep 1948 Sampson Co
Emma Verona Weeks 04 Jan 1885 Goshen, Sampson Co. 28 May 1965 Suttontown, Sampson Co
Estelle Weeks Sep 1889 NC 24 Dec 1966 Keener, Sampson Co
Children of Mattie B. Harrell
Arthur James Weeks 06 May 1899 Goshen, Sampson Co 29 Oct 1976 Mount Olive, Wayne Co
Addie Mae Weeks 05 May 1900 Goshen, Sampson Co 26 Jun 1924 Goldsboro, Wayne Co
Nola Brown Weeks 21 Apr 1903 Goshen, Sampson Co 03 Mar 1989 Kinston, Lenoir Co
Albert Sidney Weeks 25 Dec 1905 Goshen, Sampson Co 21 Jun 1960 Raleigh, NC
James Henry Weeks Jr. 17 Apr 1909 Goshen, Sampson Co 01 May 1967 Princeton, Johnston Co
Melvin Wade Weeks 16 May 1910 Goshen, Sampson Co    
Thelma Louise Weeks 01 Nov 1915 Sampson Co 12 Sep 1981 Kinston, Lenoir Co
Martin Luther Weeks 07 Feb 1919 Goshen, Sampson Co 28 Nov 1984 Micro, Johnston Co
Cleaford Earl Weeks 08 Aug 1924 Goshen, Sampson Co    
Note: Also had sons named Marion E. Weeks, Leslie Weeks, Labon Weeks, Gilbert Weeks, and R. B. Weeks plus a daughter named Sallie, all buried in a Weeks Cemetery, Sampson Co., no other information known. (RootsWeb.com) (This needs verification)

1880 Sampson County Census, Piney Grove Township
Enumerated 10 June 1880, page 16, Supervisor's District 3, Enumeration District  194, Houses 119 and 120

House Name Relation Birth Date Age    
119 Weeks, Kenon     68 m. Farmer
  Mary wife   57 m. Keeps House
  Mary E. Linsey help   40 s.  
  Jas. Roberts help   16 s. Works on Farm
  Ula M. Weeks grandaughter   7 s.  
120 Weeks, Jas. H. head   30 m. Farmer
  Sarah A.     28 m. Keeps House
  Martin L.     3 s.  
  Mary E.     2 s.  
  Lona F.     11 m. s.  
  (B.A.Roberts) help   30 wid.  

1900 Sampson County Census, Piney Grove Township

1900 Sampson County, Piney Grove Division. Enumerated by David M. Kornegay on the 8th of June, 1900, Supervisor's District #3, Enumeration District #101, Sheet 7, House #113.

According to the census, James H. and Mattie B. had been married 2 years and had one child (Arthur J.) It looks as though Mattie's age had been marked out and rewritten, from 19 to 18. Mamie (f.) was incorrectly transcribed as Maurice, while Emma's spelling was listed as Emme. The 1st 6 could read and write--none were attending school.  They owned house and land free of mortgage. The farm schedule was 98.
Name Relation Birth Date Age # yrs m. Children Living
Weeks, Jas. H. head May 1851 49 2    
Mattie B. wife June 1881 19/18 2 1 1
Mamie daughter Sept 1879 20      
Bascomb son May 1883 17      
Emma daughter Jun 1885 15      
Estella daughter Sept 1889 10      
Arthur J. son May 1898 12 mo.      
Interestingly, James Henry's oldest living son, Martin Luther (b. 1876 - son of Sarah Adelaide Robinson), was living in house # 112, with wife Lilian E. (b. 1876) and son Raymond (b. 1899).  Their names have been incorrectly transcribed as Weeke.
Family records show Martin Luther's birthdate more specifically as 19 Jan 1875, and Lillie's as 26 Jan 1875. She was a Kornegay, according to family records.
Parents of Sarah Adelaide Robinson were Eveline Carroll and Isaiah Robinson.  The 1860 Census shows an Eveline married to George W. Cain,  and lists the 3 Robinson children.  I'm including this because of the coincidence of a Sarah A. Robinson of the correct age with mother Eveline.  It may not be our Sarah A., but I think it is!  So did Sarah and James H. Weeks divorce?  This still needs exploring.

1860 Sampson County Census

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