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Albert Sidney Weeks was born in
Sampson County, North Carolina,
on December 25, 1905. 
He was the fourth child of
James Henry Weeks and Mattie Byrn Harrell.

Albert Sidney Weeks

Everyone who knew Al commented on his smile; in fact, his nickname was "Smiley" to all his friends. He was known as a very generous person--someone who would give you the shirt off his back.  He was loved by all who knew him.



1910 Sampson County, North Carolina Census

In the 1910 Census, Albert was listed as Albet; Arthur was listed as Arther. Mattie B. had had 7 children, with 5 currently living.  All 5 were listed in the census. This was James Henry's third marriage--they had been married 11 years.

1910 Sampson County, North Carolina Census Transcribed

Last Name First Name Rel. Sex Race Age Marital
# of
Trade Can
Weeks James H Head M W 55 M3 11     Farmer Y Y
Weeks Mattie B Wife F W 28 M1 11 7 5 Home Y Y
Weeks Arther J Son M W 19 S       Farm
Weeks Addie M Dau F W 7 S       Home Y Y
Weeks Nola B Dau F W 6 S       Home Y Y
Weeks Albet Son M W 5 S       Home    
Weeks James H Jr Son M W 3 S       Home    


1920 Sampson County, Piney Grove Township, North Carolina Census

In the 1920 census, enumerated on February 7-9, Arthur, Addie and Nola were no longer living at home; Albert's name was spelled correctly.  Three additional siblings were now included in the family list. They owned the home free of mortgage.

Last Name First Name Rel. Sex Race Age Marital
Weeks James H Head M W 66 M Y Y Farmer
Weeks Mattie B Wife F W 40 M Y Y Home
Weeks Albert S Son M W 14 S Y Y Farm Laborer
Weeks James H Jr Son M W 12 S Y Y Farm Laborer
Weeks Melvin W Son M W 7 S     Home
Weeks Thelma L Dau F W 4 2/12 S     Home
Weeks Martin L Son M W 2 11/12 S     Home


1930 Sampson County, Duplin County, Faison, North Carolina Census

We know that both parents had died--James Henry d. 29 Mar 1926; Mattie B d. 08 Aug 1924.  In the 1930 census, Albert was on his own in Duplin County, Faison Township.  (This was the next county to the east.) He was single, renting and working on a farm. (Side note: Remaining Family --Two brothers are shown living in the same household in the 1930 Wayne Co Brodgen Township: James H. age 23 w. wife Kelly age 24, married 2 years, their son James W. age 6/12, and brother Melvin age 19.  Thelma and Martin L were in the Methodist Orphanage in Raleigh according to the 1930 Wake/Raleigh/District 31/p.6 Census.)

Last Name First Name Rel. Sex Race Age Marital
Weeks Albert Head M W 25 S Y R=$3 Farm Laborer


1st Marriage -- to Coleen Jordan

The next document I found was Albert's marriage to Coleen/Colean Jordan on 28 Dec 1935 in Wayne County.


Below is a listing of Coleen with her mother, father and siblings from the 1920 and 1930 Wayne County Grantham Township Census.  In the first, she was 13, and listed as Coline.

1920 Wayne County Grantham Township

Last Name First Name Relation Age Rent/
Jordan A G Head 55 O Farmer
Jordan Effie Wife 39    
Jordan Warren Son 16    
Jordan Coline Daughter 13    
Jordan Milton Son 11    
Jordan Mildred Daughter 8    
Jordan Inez Daughter 7    
Jordan Ralph Son 4    
Jordan Isabelle Daughter 1    


1930 Wayne County Grantham Township
Coline Jordon before marriage in 1935

Last Name First Name Relation Age Industry
Jordan A G Head 66 General Farming
Jordan Mrs. Effie Wife 49  
Jordan Warren R. Son 26  
Jordan Coline Daughter 22  
Jordan Milton Son 21  
Jordan Mildred Daughter 18  
Jordan Inez Daughter 16  
Jordan Ralph Son 13  
Jordan Isabelle Daughter 11  

They had one child, Madalene, who was listed in the her newspaper wedding  clipping as Effie.

Madalene Weeks Hardison


2nd Marriage -- to Viola Eason

Albert's second marriage was to my mother, Viola Eason,  01 Apr 1941.

       Age 23
Albert had worked at the Old Union Grill in Raleigh, NC., which later became Warren's restaurant.  He worked for a time with a railroad line as a "coupler".  He also worked several years with Atlantic Tobacco Company.

They had tried to have children earlier in their marriage but had given up.  Carolyn Janet was their first surprise, born eleven years after they married, on 15 May 1952, and Sidney Stuart followed on 13 Feb 1954.

Albert and Viola were married for 19 years until he died 21 Jun 1960, after  having been diagnosed 6 months earlier with lung cancer.  (He was a heavy cigarette smoker.) He left behind one married daughter from his first marriage, Madalene Hardison, who was a 2nd grade schoolteacher at the time, and from the second marriage, Carolyn Janet aged 8, and Sidney Stuart aged 6.




        Carolyn, Madalene, Sidney,  
        becoming acquainted at
        a meeting in Raleigh, NC.