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Eason, Viola 1917
Griswold, WilliamO 1851
Harrell, Mattie B 1880
King, Sally 1847
Weeks, Albert Sidney 1905
Weeks, James Henry 1851


Arthur J.
Cleaford Earl
James Henry - 1851
James Henry  Jr.

Martin Luther
Melvin Wade
Nola Brown
Thelma Louise


Peggy Elizabeth McArthur
Gerald Haywood Boyette
Mary "Polly" Vann


Mattie - 1851



This is a collection of misc. Weeks Family facts to be researched

I have so many scraps of information, that before I create individual pages for these people, I will collect data here. Links are in the left column.  You can click on the word "Top" from way down the page to get back up to the top of the page.

Help! Who are these Family Members?
My husband and I visited with Gerald and Peggy Boyette a while back, and while she and I visited, my husband took digital fotos of her picture album.  I don't have name labels for the following.  I will number them to help with correspondence.  If you know who these people are, please let me know!  And thank you, Peggy, for sharing all your hard work.  Posting these on the website will allow us to share with everyone interested!
Nola Sutton and ?
#4 (Little Albert)  


Left to right, top to bottom

# 5, 6, 7
# 8, 9 (?-is it Nola? and Thelma), 10
# 11, 12 (Thelma and Bruce), 13
# 14, 15

Weeks Children:  Cleaford Earl, Nola,    ?    , James, Albert, Thelma, Melvin

Waylon Weeks and Martin Luther Weeks
Nola, Viola, Hazel, Homer and Marie Sutton, Waylon, Albert w. son Sidney
James Henry Weeks                           Top of Page
b. 23 May 1851
d. 29 Mar 1926




1910 Sampson County, North Carolina Census

In the 1910 Census, Mattie B. had had 7 children, with 5 currently living.  All 5 were listed in the census. This was James Henry's third marriage--they had been married 11 years. Albert was listed as Albet; Arthur was listed as Arther. 

1910 Sampson County, North Carolina Census Transcribed

Last Name First Name Rel. Sex Race Age Marital
# of
Trade Can
Weeks James H Head M W 55 M3 11     Farmer Y Y
Weeks Mattie B Wife F W 28 M1 11 7 5 Home Y Y
Weeks Arther J Son M W 19 S       Farm
Weeks Addie M Dau F W 7 S       Home Y Y
Weeks Nola B Dau F W 6 S       Home Y Y
Weeks Albet Son M W 5 S       Home    
Weeks James H Jr Son M W 3 S       Home    


1920 Sampson County, Piney Grove Township, North Carolina Census



In the 1920 census, enumerated on February 7-9, Arthur, Addie and Nola were no longer living at home; Albert's name was spelled correctly.  Three additional siblings were now included in the family list. They owned the home free of mortgage.  Notice they live near Bascom K. Weeks.

Last Name First Name Rel. Sex Race Age Marital
Weeks James H Head M W 66 M Y Y Farmer
Weeks Mattie B Wife F W 40 M Y Y Home
Weeks Albert S Son M W 14 S Y Y Farm Laborer
Weeks James H Jr Son M W 12 S Y Y Farm Laborer
Weeks Melvin W Son M W 7 S     Home
Weeks Thelma L Dau F W 4 2/12 S     Home
Weeks Martin L Son M W 2 11/12 S     Home

Emma Weeks Sutton, Tim Sutton, Arthur Weeks,
Estelle Weeks Sinclair, Albert Weeks, Nola Weeks Sutton, Liona Weeks Lindsay

Emma Verona Weeks Sutton

Children of James Henry Weeks and Mattie B. Harrell: Cleaford, Nola, Arthur, James, Albert, Thelma, Melvin
Missing: Addie Mae, Martin Luther

Mattie B. Harrell                             Top of Page
b. 01 Aug 1880
d. 08 Aug 1924

Albert Sidney Weeks   b. 25 Dec 1905  d. 21 Jun 1960
Arthur James Weeks   b. 06 May 1899   d. 29 Oct 1976
Addie Mae Weeks   b. 05 May 1900   d. 26 Jun 1924
Nola Brown Weeks   b. 21 Apr 1903   d. 03 Mar 1989
James Henry Weeks Jr.   b. 17 Apr 1909   d. 01 May 1967
Melvin Wade Weeks  b. 16 May 1910 
Thelma Louise Weeks   b. 01 Nov 1915  d. 12 Sep 1981
Martin Luther Weeks  b. 07 Feb 1919   d. 28 Nov 1984
Cleaford Earl Weeks  b. 08 Aug 1924

"Mattie Dau of Fernie & Sallie Harrell Wife of J.H. Weeks" (I can't read below the midpoint of the tombstone...does anyone have the transcription?
Nola Brown Weeks Sutton                    Top of Page
b. 21 Apr 1903  
d. 03 Mar 1989

Nola Brown Weeks b. 21 Apr 1903 married James Clyde Sutton b. 26 Jan 1900   m. 13 Jun 1918
Cora Hazel Sutton  b. 28 Apr 1919  d. 16 Sep 1996
James Walter Sutton  b. 26 Jan 1921  d. May 1922
Homer Brown Sutton b. 29 Jan 1923  d. 09 Nov 1986
Mattie Lee Sutton  b. 25 Aug 1925
Bernice Sutton  b. 05 Sep 1927
James Clyde Sutton, Jr.  b. 08 Jul 1929
Norma Gray Sutton  b. 05 Mar 1931
Billy Wayne Sutton  b. 26 Jul 1933
Nola Faye Sutton b. 15 Nov 1935

Melvin B. Shivar (Jiggs) b. 22 Feb 1932 and Nola Faye Sutton b. 15 Nov 1935 m. 21 Sep 1957
Mack Douglas 16 Apr 1961
Melanie Faye 20 Nov 1965
Arthur J. Weeks, Lydie Sutton             Top of Page
James Henry Weeks, Jr. and Ella Bowden       Top of Page
James Henry Weeks Jr., Ella Bowden


Melvin Wade Weeks                     Top of Page
Bruce Butler McArthur and Thelma Louise Weeks
                                                    Top of Page
(50 w.p.m. for 15 min. w. 5 mistakes)

Bruce McArthur and Thelma Weeks with Virginia, Bruce Jr., Shirley, Robert, and Peggy
Thelma, Bruce, Robert, Bruce Jr.

Family of Charles McArthur and Ora Smith
Burrell (1900), Ora (1896), Martha (1903), Stella (1905), Charles (1871), Ora Smith (1876), Corabelle (1909)
Above children born in Lenoir County, Dobbersville
Later children born in (? Beautaneous ?) -- Vina (1911), Bruce (1914), Virginia (1916), Linwood (1924)
Peggy Elizabeth McArthur Boyette

Peggy m. Gerald Haywood Boyette

Gerald Haywood Boyette
Martin Luther Weeks                            Top of Page
Cleaford Earl Weeks and Nell Porter                  Top of Page
Mary "Polly" Vann                           Top of Page

b. 05 Dec 1822
d. 09 May 1899
married Kenion Weeks
James Henry Weeks b. 23 May 1851
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