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William O. Griswold


William O Griswold was born about 1851 in Zebulon, Wake County, NC, son of Joseph Griswold and Pherebe ?.  He died after April 1910.  I found census listings from 1850--just before his birth--to 1910 except for 1870 and 1890. 

1850 Johnston County Census -Just before William O's birth.
District 6, p. 12, Dwelling

Surname First Name Age




37 Farmer
Griswold Pherebah 31  
Griswold Lewis 12  
Griswold James (James Merit) 10  
Griswold Mary 7  
Griswold Joseph (Joseph Festus) 4  
Griswold Ruffin 24 Farmer

Additional information from the census: neither Joseph nor Pherebah could read or write.  But, who was Ruffin, age 24? Pherebah was probably pregnant with William at this time, as he was born in 1850.




1860 Johnston County Census
Division East of the Neuse River-Sandy Level Post Ofc
Dwelling 931, Family 885

Surname First Name Age


Griswold Jos. (Joseph) (Transcribed as "Jas.") 45 Farmer                             
Griswold Pherobe 44  
Griswold Merit 20  
Griswold Mary 15  
Griswold Festus 14  
Griswold Ruffin 12  
Griswold William 10  
Griswold Sally 8  

I know from my mother's records that the father's name was Joseph--it's listed here in 1960 as James. The children's names were: Lewis, James Merit, Mary, Ruffin Bryant, Joseph Festus, and Sarah "Sally" Ann. Her records showed Ruffin older than Festus.

Next-door neighbor - House 931,Family 884--Liles (Jas-27+Ann-20, Infant female-8/12) -- by date comparison, infant must be Ann Eliza Liles-b. 29 Sep 1859, who grew up to marry John Wesley Eason m. 20 Dec 1874.  Parents were James Haywood Liles and Ann Medlin.


1880 Johnston County Census  - Wilders Township, p. 30

Surname First Name Relationship Age Occupation
Griswold G R head 32 farmer
Griswold Feribee mother 45 keeping house
Crabtree Louis nephew 14 wks on farm
Griswold William brother 24 farmer

It would seem that in 1880, William was living with his brother, mother and a nephew.  (Who is G.R.?!)


Female Index to Marriages - Johnston County, NC



1900 Johnston County Census
Upper Oneals Precinct, Oneals Township

House # 301
Surname First Name Relationship   Birth
Yr. Age


Griswald William head   ?? ?? ?5 45?    
Griswald Rebeca wife   May 1867 33 6 6
Griswald Oscar son   Dec 1885 14    
Griswald Charly son   Sep 1886 13    
Griswald Maggie daughter   Apr 1890 10    
Griswald Ida daughter   ?? 1892 8    
Griswald Katie daughter   ?? 1895 5    
Griswald Mattie M daughter   Aug 1897 2    

Notice the Transcription reads "Griswald."




1910 Johnston County Census
Upper Oneals Township

House # 51
Transcribed as "Griswald"
Surname First Name Relationship Age Occupation #
Griswold William O head 59 farmer    
Griswold Rebecca wife 40 none 10 8
Griswold Maggie daughter 20 wks on farm    
Griswold Ida daughter 18 wks on farm    
Griswold Kattie daughter 14 wks on farm    
Griswold Matte May daughter 11 wks on farm    
Griswold David R son 6 none    
Griswold Ethel daughter 5 none    
Griswold Carl son 2 none    

Further information from the census: William O. owned his farm free and clear--the farm schedule number looks like # 59; all school-aged family members were able to read and write; David (6 yrs.) was listed as able to read, but the "write" box was blank.   There must be one child on his own, since Rebecca had 8 children living in 1910, and 7 are represented here.  Oscar and Charly are both missing in this census; one perhaps married and the other died?  May and Ethel were spinster "Aunt"s of mine who we went to visit quite often.  They lived together in an old house in Wendell, NC.  We laughed to ourselves over their perception of television.  They thought everything they saw was true (soap operas, etc.)  They both often believed that people were breaking into their house while they were asleep and moving things around or taking things.  Aunt May was stoop-shouldered and bent way over, while Aunt Ethel was tall and thin.

Nearest neighbors were by house numbers and surnames:
 #50-Hocutt (Transcribed Hoocutt) (Robert L-45+Elizabeth-44, Blanch-20, Reca-19, Verma-12, McCay-15, Ivery-9, Lillie-8/12---8 children, 7 living) 
(Alvin-65+Delia-66, Wade-25+Lucy-23 daughter in law, Lillian-1, Erma-2 grandchildren---Elizabeth 6 children, 3 living; Lucy 2 children, 2 living) 
(Nellie-35, Nova-15, Ralph-12, Denis/Darris-9, Clifton-5---4 children, 4 living)
(John-30+ Denia-28, Joyce-9, Christine-5, Urdine-2, Rufus Glen-7/12---6 children, 4 living)






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