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  I have a bit of data temporarily collected in Links under EasonData and WeeksData that's just waiting to be placed on individual pages...you may want to also check there!

                  Weeks / Harrell  /King / Van                                          Eason / Griswold / Hocutt / Liles


James Henry Weeks
 Mattie Byrn Harrell


John Wesley Eason

Annie Lisa Liles

Welcome to my Family Tree Home Page. 
This is definitely a work just begun!
As you navigate through my pages, you will (eventually) find:


 Surnames page. This will be a listing of all the last names found from my father's and my mother's side of the family. 


Ancestor-Style Tree. This tree begins with myself and continues as far as I can along the Weeks, Eason, Harrell and Griswold lines (my grandparents.)  There will be pop-ups over the names which show birth and death dates, as well as lists of children.
Surnames Descendancy Chart. This chart will have numeric coding by generation.  For example, our oldest Eason would be generation 1, his children would be generation 2, etc.


Focus on Individuals. I want to include dates, documents, descendants, pictures, stories, etc.  To reach certain individuals, you will have to click on their names in the Ancestor Tree, on the left side-bar,  or on the Surnames page.