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Sally King Harrell


I found Mattie's B. Harrell Weeks' mother Sally in the 1900 Wayne County Census living as a widow near 2 other Harrell families.  (By 1910, she had moved to Sampson County.)  She was born in Sep 1847 and died between 1910 and 1920.  She married Fernie F. Harrell.  I have 5 of their children:

Furney Harrell  b. Sep 1877 or Sep 1878    m. Ophelia Creel  (children Robert H Harrell, Harry J Harrell)
Mattie Byrn Harrell  b. 01 Aug 1880  Wayne County NC   d. 08 Aug 1924  Sampson County NC
George Harrell  b. Jun 1884
Sallie K. Harrell  b. Nov 1887
Lee W. Harrell  b. Aug 1890


1900 Wayne County, Granthams Township,
Supervisor's District 2, Enumeration District 104, Sheet 2, Enumerated on the 4th of June 1900 by George K. Grantham


    Birthdate Age Married # yrs. # Children # Living
Harrell, Sallie head   Sept 1847 52  W   13 9
Furnie   son   Sep 1878   21 S      
George K.   son   Jun 1884   15 S      
Sallie K. daughter   Nov   1887 13 or 12 S      
Lee W.   son   Aug 1890 9        
Harrell, William head Aug 1868 31 M 4    
Fannie/Flannie wife Sep 1876 23 M 4 2 2
Parl daughter Dec 1896 3        
Aaron son Sep 1899 8/12        
Harrell, James head Nov 1870 29 M 3    
Mettie wife Sep 1884 16 M 3 1 1
Mamia daughter Apr 1898 2        


The chart below shows the very poor transcription and my comments.  Five of ten names had errors...(The first surname is obviously the same surname as the following 2 families--Harrell!   This is why I had trouble finding the family in 1900! 


  Should be:  
Sall Hannel   Sallie Harrell The "ie" was clearly discernable, but had been written over when someone listed the number in the household as 5.
Fannie Hannel             Furnie "Fannie" looks like Fu??ie, and since we know her husband was Furney and she had a son Furney, this must be he--it is a son. 
George K Hannel                              Harrell
Sallie K Hannel                                 Harrell
Lee W Hannel                                   Harrell
William Harrell       
Hannie Harrell     Fannie, Flannie "Hannie" obviously started with an F. (Compare with all the other H's on the page, and the couple of F's on the page.)
Paul Harrell                  Pearl, Parl The name "Paul" cannot be Paul. It is obviously Pa?l.  The enumerator's n's and r's are very similar, and so it is either Panl or Parl--I believe the enumerator was trying to spell Pearl!
Aaron Harrell         
James Harrell          
Mattie T Harrell       Mettie That's not an a..."Mattie" looks to me like Mettie or Mittie
Mannie Harrell     Mamie "Mannie"  has an m instead of 2 n's

And here's a fragment of the 1900 census page enlarged for viewing...




1910 Sampson County Piney Grove Township
Enumerated by John M. Weeks on 06 May 1910
Supervisor's District 3, Enumeration District 94, Sheet 12

In a span of 2 pages, MANY families are represented!  There were families of:
Bascom K. Weeks (son of James Henry's 2nd wife Sarah Adelaide)
Estella Weeks Sinclair (Estelle) (husband James Allen)
James Henry Weeks and Mattie B.
Sallie Harrell (Mattie's mother (Sally King Harrell) living with her son's family)
Lona Weeks Lindsay and husband Algia, and his parents (Jimmie Devane Lindsay + Mary Sutton) next house

(I cut out the middle columns which stated birth in NC and Language was English)

  Relationship Age Marriage Years # children # living
Jamie R Harrell 
(I think it's Jimie, because he's James)
head 39 M 13    
Mettie Harrell wife 28 M 13 6 5
Mamie Harrell daughter 11 S      
Mary Harrell daughter 7 S      
Milford Harrell son 5 S      
Gurthry Harrell son 2 S      
Sallie Harrell daughter 6/12 S      
Sallie Harrell mother 68 W   13 9