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Eason, Viola 1917
Griswold, WilliamO 1851
Harrell, Mattie B 1880
King, Sally 1847
Weeks, Albert Sidney 1905
Weeks, James Henry 1851



Abner - 1735
Amanda - 1845
Avera - 1804
Charles C. -1885
Elisha - 1780
George W. - 1820
John - 1760
John Bryant
John Daniel -1855
John Wesley - 1845
Moses - 1740

Willey - 1849
William (Bill) - 1854
William Jr.





This is a collection of misc. EASON facts to be researched

I have so many scraps of information, that before I create individual pages for these people, I will collect data here. Links are at the left column, beginning with Abner.  You can click on the word "Top" from way down the page to get back up to the top of the page.

Abner Eason
b. abt 1735 in Perquimans Co., NC
? Eason
John Eason b. 1760
Bertie County Will Abstract - Text:  1794 Eason, Abner, Rachel, George, Joseph, Abner

1790 Bertie County Census, p. 354

    White Males Over 16 White Males Under 16 Females All Other Free Persons Slaves Total  
  Abner Eason 1 4 3 0 10 18  
  Abner Eason 3 0 1 0 20 24  

(Both Abner Easons on same page.)


1810 Bertie County Census

  Free White Males Free White Females    
  < 10 10-15 26-25 26-44 45+ <10 10-15 16-25 26-44 45+ All Other
Free Persons
Abner Eason 0 2 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 20
Amanda Eason 1845                          [top of page]
Avera Eason                          [top of page]
b 1804 Johnston County, NC, m Polly ?, b. 1810, m. 1830 Johnston Co.
Tempe b. 1830
Hardy b. 1832 Johnston County, NC
Milly b. 1836 Johnston County, NC
Nancy b. 1839 Johnston County, NC
Polly Ann b. 1840
Lucinda Amanda b. 1841
John Wesley b. 1845 Johnston County, NC
William B. b. 1849 Johnston County, NC
Elisha B. b. 6 Apr 1852 Johnston County, NC

1830 Johnston County Census:

Transcription listed as Aera Eason - handwriting is obviously Avera
1 male 20-30, 1 female 20-30, 1 male slave 10-20, 1 female slave < 10, 1female slave 10-20

1850 Johnston County Census, 6th District, House # 549
taken 3rd and 4th of September

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Age Occupation Attended School
Within the Year
Over 20
and can't
read or write
(listed as Aura)
46 Blacksmith    
Polly 40     X
Tempy 20      
Harry (Hardy) 18 Farmer    
Milly 14      
Nancy 10   X  
Polley 9   X  
Amanda 7   X  
John 5      
Caroline 3      
William 1      

1860 Johnston Co Division E. of Neuse River

Avera Eason   55 Mechanic
Polly 50  
Tempy 29  
Hardy 28  
Millie (Transcribed as Milla) 23  
Nancy 21  
Polly 18  
Lucinda 16  
Amanda 15  
John 13  
William 11  
Elisha 6  
Charles C. Eason                      [top of page]
b. 27 Jun 1885 Johnston Co., NC
d. 29 Jun 1933 Johnston Co., NC
buried Branch Chapel FWB Cemetery #577, Hwy 96, O'Neals Township, Johnston Co., NC
Father, John Daniel Eason b. 1855 Johnston Co., NC
Mother, Martha J. Creech b. 1858 Johnston Co., NC
m. Vick (Unknown) b. 1891 Johnston Co., NC

Children:  Isabella Eason b. 1905 Johnston Co., NC

Sources: 1910 Johnston County Wilders Township, house 133 (See John Daniel Eason 1910 census pic)
Edward Eason:                        [top of page]

Cavaliers and Pioneers, p. 68, Text: John Neale, Merchant, 200 acs., Accomack Co., 22 Aug 1637, p. 465. At the head of Kings Cr., abutting on S. side of John Wilkins, running Sly. in breadth & Ely. in length into the woods, Sd. land purchased by Edward Bastwicke of William Melling by whom it was assigned to sd. Neale; being alsoe due for trans. of 4 pers: Francis Seamer, Rich Hill, EDWARD EASON, Thomas Moore.

Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666, Surnames H - F, p. 102; Text: Eason, Edward, 1637, by John Neall, Accomack Co.


Elisha Eason                        [top of page]
b. abt 1780, m. Edith Avera m. 9 June 18042; Father,  John Eason b. 1760

Avera Eason b. 1804 Johnston County, NC
Hardy Eason b. Abt. 1813
George W. Eason b. 1820 Johnston County, NC

1830 Johnston County Census
1 male 50-60, 1 female 50-60

Johnston County NC Marriage Registers

1 Census, 1830 Johnston County

2 Johnston County NC Marriage Registers

1815 Taxpayers List, Johnston Co., North Carolina, Captain Robert Gulley's District.  Text: Elisha Eason - Piney Woods incl. his plantation: 300 acres; 1 white pole, 0 black pole; $300.00
George Eason                             [top of page]
Will probated in 1774 Perquimans Co., NC p. 251   Text: Eason 1774  George, Sarah, Seth, Sarah, Abner
George W. Eason1
b. 1820 Johnston County, NC; father, Elisha b. abt. 1780; mother, Edith Avera
m. Jane Price b. 1824 Johnston Co., m. 29 Sep 1846 in Johnston Co.1

Katharine Eason,  b. 1847
Willey,  b. Mar 1849 Johnston Co., North Carolina
William S., b. 1852 Johnston Co., North Carolina
John Daniel, b. 1855 Johnston Co., North Carolina


1850 Johnston County Census p. 6

George W. Eason 30
Jane 26
Katharine 3
Willey 1

John Bryant Eason                         [top of page]
 m. Ida Griswold
daughter Naomi:

John Eason
b. 1760; Father Abner Eason; Children: Elisha Eason b. abt 1780
Sources: 1784 Johnston County, NC Tax List, p. Captain Alexander Hobby's Company, Text: John Eason - 1829 acres, 1 white poll, 1 black

(There is a John Eason who married Fameriah Eason, bond taken out on 14 Oct 1803...could it be this John?


1790 Census, Johnston County, NC

John Eason over 16, 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16, 3 white females, 1 free person, 9 slaves
John Daniel Eason     [top of page]
b. May, 1855 Johnston Co., NC
father, George W. Eason b. 1820 Johnston Co.
mother, Jane Price b. 1824 Johnston Co.
m. Martha J. Creech b. 1858 Johnston Co.; m. 5 Feb 1878 Johnston Co.1

Harris, b. abt. 1879/1880
Joseph H., b. 1883 Johnston Co.
Charles C.,  b. 27 Jun 1885 Johnston Co.
Lucy J., b. 1889 Johnston Co.
Syndie, b. 1891 Johnston Co.
Henry E., b. 1894 Johnston Co.
Betsy J., b. 1897 Johnston Co.


1880 Johnston County, O'Neal's Township

This Harry has to be Joseph H, because the 1910 Census states Martha has had 7 children with 7 living.

1900 Johnston County Lower O'Neal Township
  Relation DOB Age Yrs Married # children # living
John D. Eason Head May 1855 45 22    
Martha J. Wife ? 1858 42 22 8 7
George H. Son Oct 1879 20      
Joseph H. Son Dec 1882 17      
Charley C. Son Jun 1885 14      
Lucy E. Daughter May 1888/9 12      
Ella Daughter Apr 1891 9      
Henry E. Son Jul 1893 6      
Elizabeth Daughter May 1896 4      
Boykin, Nora Servant Oct 1874 25      
Wood, William Boarder Sep 1872 27      
Murphrey, Roberel Boarder Mar 1872 28      
Whitley, Needham H. Boarder Oct 1876 24      
1910 Johnston County Wilders Township
1910 NC Census, Wilders Township, p. 1, house #6.  Text: John D. Eason, 54, farmer; Martha J., 52; Joseph H., 27; Charles C., 24; Syndie, 19; Henry E., 16; Betsy J., 13; Lillie C., 5, grandaughter;  Lucy J. Batten, 21, daughter; Cecil (wrongly transcribed as Decil D.) D. Batten, 5, grandson; Fletcher P. Batten, 3, grandson; Nora E. Boykin, 35, servant; Fletcher Harris, 19, hired man

1880 Johnston Co., O'Neals Township, p. 12, house # 105
1910 Johnston Co., Wilders Township, p. 1, house #6.

1 Johnston Co., NC Marriage Registers, Text: Officiating: Wm. H. O'Neal, at Haywood Creech's home.

John Wesley Eason     [top of page]
b. 1845/(1847 according to a hand-written document of my mother's) in Johnston County, NC
d. 25 May 1897 in Johnston County, NC; buried Earpsboro, North Carolina
Son of Avera Eason (b. 1804/1805 in Johnston County, NC) and Polly Ann (b. 1810 in Johnston County, NC)
Grandson of Elisha Eason and Edith Avera
m. Ann Eliza Liles b 29 Sep 1859; m 20 Feb 1874
John Wesley Eason married Annie Liza Liles (b. 29 Sep 1859), d. 1928; buried off Wendell-Selma Rd 1003, less than a mile from Charles Barnes Store on Austin land. Her name has been spelled in various ways by different documents (Annie Liza, Ann Liza, Anna Eliza).  The North Carolina Marriage Collection has her as Anna Eliza, married 20 Feb 1874.  According to the Johnston County Marriage Register, they were married in the home of James Liles.  Her parents were James Haywood Liles and Ann Medlin.
Children of John Wesley Eason and Annie Liza Liles:  (These people were my mother's aunts and uncles.)

James Henry Eason b. 23 May 1876, Johnston County, NC; d. 23 Dec 1945, buried White Oak Church cemetery, Archer Lodge NC - m. Addie Batten b. 25 Apr 1885, d. 11 Dec 1927 - m. 17 Mar 1909 (died and baby died too)

William Avery  (Buddy) Eason b. 15 Apr 1878, Johnston County, NC, d. 10 May 1936, buried White Oak Church cemetery, Archer Lodge NC - m. Lela Mae Bass b. 10 Oct 1898, Sampson Co., North Carolina, d. 22 Oct 1973, buried White Oak Church cemetery. m. 23 Jan 1916. (After William died, Lela Mae married JH (Herman) Carroll, who had first been married to Omega (Unknown). Omega b. 14 Aug 1885

Euretha Eason (Retha) b. 14 May 1881, Johnston County, NC d. 24 Nov 1953 - m. Harris Price b. 2 Jan 1859 d. 24 Dec 1922, buried w. first wife

John Bryant Eason  b. 10 Sep 1883, Johnston County, NC d. 16 Sept 1946 in a head-on car collision  m. Ida Griswold b. 20 May 1892, d. 6 Nov 1972 (my grandparents) m. 5 Feb 1911

Polly Avery Eason (Polly Averie) b. 13 Apr 1886, Johnston County, NC, d. about 1903. (Some say she died while fixing lunch for the family--that she had a pimple or cyst and it went into blood poisoning.  She was buried in the little family cemetery.)

Estelle Liles Eason, b. 4 Sep 1886, Johnston County, NC d. 19 Oct 1906

Joseph Millard Eason, b. 2 Apr 1889, Johnston County, NC d. 22 Mar 1965 - m. Clara Roberta Hinton b. 19 Aug 1890  d. 12 Nov 1990 in Smithfield, NC buried White Oak Church cemetery;  m. 4 Nov 1890 in Goldsboro, NC

Cora Nellie Eason, (Nellie, Cora Crettie) b. 3 Dec 1891, Johnston County, NC d. 11 Feb 1920 - m. J. Leonard Boyette b. 19 Feb 1881, d. 4 Feb 1966 in Archer Lodge, NC from the flu, buried White Oak Church cemetery

Molissa Eason, (Molissie, Lissie) b. 12 Sep 1894, Johnston County, NC d. 2 Jan 1962 - m. George Zonur Wall b. 18 Nov 1880, d. 12 Dec 1957 buried White Oak Church cemetery

Johnnie Crettus Eason, (Johnnie Crettie, Crettie) (female) b. 22 May 1897, Johnston County, NC d. 15 Dec 1957 in Archer Lodge - m. Claudie Iredell "Buck" Murphy b. 13 Jun 1892, d. 30 Dec 1950 buried White Oak Church cemetery

Annie Eason, b. 1899, Johnston County, NC  d. 1899


1880 Johnston Co., Wilders Township

1910 Johnston Co. Census

In 1910, Ann Eliza is a widow, 52, living with her children, John B, 27; William A, 32; Millard, 21; Malissie, 16; and Crettie, 13
Sources for John Wesley Eason:
-1853 Johnston Co., North Carolina School Records, District #2.  Text: John W. Eason attending school

-1880 Census, Johnston Co., North Carolina, Wilders Township, house #120.  Text: John Eason, 35, farmer; Ann Eliza, 21; Henry, 4; William, 2

-1900 Census, Johnston Co., North Carolina, Wilders Township, page 327, house #136. Text: Ane Liza (sic), 42, farmer, Hendy, 24; William, 22; Euretha, 19; Bryant, 16; Annie, 14; Millard, 11; Cora E., 8; Molissa, 5; Johnie, 13

-Johnston County Marriage Register
Moses Eason                 [top of page]
b. abt. 1740 Johnston Co., NC
d. 24 Sep 1835 Johnston Co., NC
Father, George Eason b. abt 1715 Perquimans Co., NC
m. Bashaba Horn, m. 1784

Children: Moses Eason, Jr. b. abt 1787

Information provided by Research of Sybil and Joe Keesler Eason
Text: 1 Sep 1766, Johnston Col., North Carolina - Thomas Whitely deeds 15 acres to Moses Eason

Information provided by Research of Sybil and Joe Keesler Eason
Johnston Co., North Carolina Possission Masters Returns.  Text: Moses Easons and John Gardner present. Signed by Elisha Thomas, Drury Vinson.

Information provided by Research of Sybil and Joe Keesler Eason
1776-Johnston Co., NC Militia.  Text: Found in Court Martial minutes - Moses Eason

Information provided by Research of Sybil and Joe Keesler Eason
Text: 1783 - NC - Line R3198 - Pensioned

1784 Johnston Co., NC Census Repository: Media Book. Captain Whitley's Company - Taken by Jese Tiner. Text: Moses Eason Sr.; 4 white males 21-60; 3 white males under 21 or over 60; 6 white females



Willey Eason                  [top of page]
b. Mar 1849 Johnston Co., NC
Father, George W. Eason b. 1820 Johnston Co., NC
Mother, Jane Price b. 1824 Johnston Co., NC
m. Sallie (Unknown) b. Dec 1847; m. 1880

Joe A. Eason b. Nov 1880 Johnston Co., NC

1880 Johnston Co., NC Wilders Township, house # 248. Text: William, 31, farmer; Sallie, 32

1900 Johnston Co., NC Wilders Township, p. 330, house # 205. Text: William Eason, 51, farmer, owns farm debt free; Sallie, 52, m. 20 yrs; 1/1 children living; Joe A., 19

                                                                                                                  [top of page]
I find discrepancies, and think some of the "William" facts are mixed...will check these out later.
William Eason sons William, George, wife Anne; will probated Bertie County NC in 1736; d. bef. May 1736
Virginia Land Records: Text: Owned land in VA. in 1664

Virginia Colonial Records, 1600s-1700s; Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book 5, page 542. Text: Wm. Eason, 700 acs in upper parish of Nancimond(sic) Co., 20 Oct 1665, p. 463, (563). Beg. on a poynt by Matthew's Cr., running W. &c. Trans. of 14 pers. Hester Bennett, Blanch Clarill, Jno. Smith, Thomas Light, Roger Perry, Wm. Eason, his wife, Henry Dutton, James Dutton, Mary Dutton, Jno. Surly, Jno. Irismen, Teage Irishman (Irishmen), Richard Bishop.


William Eason, Jr.                      [top of page]
b. abt. 1650 in Nansemonde Co., Virginia, m. Elizabeth Windley, 
William (Bill) Eason                             [top of page]
b. Mar 1854 North Carolina
Smithfield Herald Obituaries http://www.johnstonnc.com/jc_hc_obit_action_name.cfm Obituary ID: 15982 Name (Age): Eason, John William (68)
m. LaVinnie Batten b. Jan 1863 North Carolina   m. 1880
mother of Louvena - Elizabeth J. Batten b. May 1836 North Carolina

John William Eason b. 16 Jun 1884 North Carolina

1900 Johnston, O'Neal NC
  p. 9B; Enumeration District 60, Dwelling 159, Family 170

(Note spelling: Louvena/Louvenia)  Note: her mother living with them - Elizabeth J. Batten

    birthdate age   married children living read write
Eason, William Head Mar 1854 46 farmer 20     no no
Louvena Wife Jan 1863 37   20 1 1 no no
John W. Son June 1884 16 at school       yes yes
Batten, Elizabeth J. Mother May 1836 64         no no

Marriage Bonds


When planning to marry, the prospective groom took out a bond from the clerk of the court in the county where the bride had her usual residence as surety that there was no legal obstacle to the proposed marriage. On file in the North Carolina State Archives are 170,000 marriage bonds, covering the years 1741-1868. These records were abstracted by the Works Progress Administration. Most of the bonds contain the following information: groom's name, bride's name, date of bond, bondsmen, witnesses. For those with ancestors in early North Carolina, this will be a helpful database.

Extended Description

Additional information may include parents' names, date of the marriage, person performing the ceremony, and other similar data.
Vital statistics for Bertie County, North Carolina from the 1700s to 1920.


Bertie County, North Carolina was formed in 1722 from Chowan County. The county seat is Windsor. This database is abstracted from a county history that was published locally. The book is divided into two sections: (1) a general history of Bertie County, and (2) a biography of about 600 families that contains more than 184,000 names. Because of its narrative nature, the book often answers questions not addressed in census and state records. It is an excellent supplement to more traditional records. Fields of information include: name, birth date, birthplace, spouse, marriage date, marriage location, father's name, mother's name, children, date of death, place of death, last known location, other notes, race, military, and occupation. ""Although the book does not list an author or editor, it may be that the source book was written by Thomas R. Speller Sr and privately published by his brother Henry Beard of Lenoir county.""

Extended Description


There are errors in the book that have been transferred to the database. Because of the detail of some accounts, it seems as though the informants themselves provided much of the information. Parts of the information are undeniably reliable, such as excerpts of newspaper articles and funeral speeches, lists of church members, high school graduation lists, guest lists from weddings, accounts of participants in clubs, Masonic society lists, and lawsuits. Other information is suspect. As in census records, birth dates and maiden names may have been estimations. One daughter's account of the family origin on page 166 might be different from another daughter's account on page 172. The spelling of names is also often curious. For example, my Eure family is spelled Ewer throughout the database. Taylor and Tayloe are mixed up, and all the McWilliams seem to have become Williams.

It is important to realize that information has been entered into the database exactly as it was found in the book. For example, on a few occasions, people have listed dates of death that precede their dates of birth; also, there are instances when people are listed in a CSA unit even though they lived and died in the 18th century. It is up to the researcher to reconcile the differences.

Whenever race was indicated, it has been noted in the ""Other Notes"" column. The biographical section has a section at the back devoted to ""Coloured Families."" The book and the database assume that everyone not labelled ""Negro"" is white. However, some of the people mentioned in the narrative section are not Caucasian, but Native American, African American, or bi-racial—and not identified as such.

Keep in mind the fact that, in the past, relationships were often defined casually. A stepmother, aunt, or foster mother might becalled ""mother""; a cousin or in-law might be called ""sister."" Each bit of information was exacted from the book and entered into the database as it was described, so it is up to the researcher to puzzle out the contradictions.

The book covers approximately 200 years and roughly four or five generations. There were a relatively small number of families in the county at any one time, and even fewer names, so even the most insignificant bit of information has been included, as it might prove important in tracking down a particular individual



These may or may not be relatives:
Easons listed in 1800 Federal Census Gates, NC:    J*ie?, George, Jacob, Mary, Hardy, Samuel, Solomon, Frederick, Seth

Harrells listed in 1800 Federal Census  Asa, John, Elijah, Theophilius, Isaac Sr, Josiah, Peter Sr, Samuel, Aron, Denny/Demey, Elisha (of Peter), Tyse Jr., Elisha, David (of SC), William, Peter

1784 State Census of North Carolina - Gates County; George Eason, (two listings) p. 41 and 42:   p. 41 - 1 White Male 21-50
p. 42: 1, 1, 2, 6, 5 (White Male21-50;Under21 and over 50, Female, Black 12-50, Black under 12 and above 50

1790 George 2,0, 2,0 7 (free white males16+, -16, females, other free, slaves)
on same page, George 2 0 2 0 1